Better Together: SAP and

Integrating SAP and Learn how this can be done painlessly with easy developer tooling that doesn’t sacrifice performance and power. Intrigo and MuleSoft, the most widely used integration platform, discuss integration options and best practices.

Startup Focus: Selling to the Enterprise

Padman Ramunkutty, CEO at Intrigo Systems, was featured on The Business Channel in the special edition series “Coffee Break with Game-Changers”. Padman speaks about the components of making a successful sale and the challenges of selling technical solutions.

“Selling to the consumer is about selling positive emotions. Selling to the enterprise is about supressing negative emotions. You might have lost the sale; you just don’t know it because you have happy ears!” – Padman Ramankutty.

SAP Startup Focus Testimonials

Go behind the scenes with Padman Ramankutty, and CEOs of other Big Data and Analytics Solutions startups for a peek into who they are and what it takes to be a leader.