Subscription Order Management

Subscription Order Management


What is Subscription Order Management?

Imagine a world where a client only had to purchase once and that resulted in multiple orders. What if your company did not have to spend as much to get repeat purchases? That is what subscription orders is all about! With a subscription model, clients only make the decision to purchase once and future orders automatically get scheduled. However, the challenge is that order management systems usually do not know how to handle subscription orders effectively.

Companies that deliver products and services that are subscription based need to have processes in place that make the customer contracts more agile and flexible. Companies need to have the ability to add, edit, remove, and monitor information quickly, so that the client experience is seamless. For instance, companies need to be able to monitor the client’s usage and get a deeper understanding of the customer’s profile in order to create more targeted offers. This in turn improves brand loyalty and increases lifetime value.

With SAP Hybris Billing’s subscription order management offering, your company has the ability to be flexible – right from capturing orders, to distributing orders, to changing orders. SAP Hybris’ offering enables you to monetize subscriptions and have usage and revenue models that are more flexible across all touchpoints.

Solution Features

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Catalog and Offer Management:

Design subscription offers that are targeted and customized. Ensure that these offers are available across all channels instantaneously for quoting and ordering.

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Order Capture:

Engage clients at every single touchpoint (mobile, laptop, etc.)

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Order Distribution:

Guarantee that the order placed can be delivered and paid for

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Order Management:

Manage contracts more effectively by optimizing the process required to make changes to existing subscriptions

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Provide your service representatives with 360 degree insights into your client interactions across the complete order-to-cash procedure


What are the benefits of Subscription Order Management?

SAP Hybris Billing’s Subscription Order Management allows you to:

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Improve revenue by offering more targeted subscription offers. This leads to a consistent client experience and improves the clients’ overall satisfaction.

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Increase client retention by offering more flexibility to change existing subscriptions

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Reduce costs by automating processes required for contract changes

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Get a detailed picture of client activity and insight into customer interactions

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Co-developed SAP Ariba SCC with Ariba and Microsoft

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Skilled set of trained consultants

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