Scheduling and Sequencing

Automate scheduling and sequencing processes. Hyper-customize products. Accelerate production times.

In today’s digital marketplace, scheduling and sequencing has become increasingly complex. From the traditional production model of repeatedly making identical products to scale, suppliers today need to create a product customized for a consumer who purchases online. This evolution has made automation, variability, and flexibility a non-negotiable requirement for delivering individually tailored product options and features.

To ensure that your scheduling and sequencing process delivers on your customer’s expectations, you need to deal with constraints on the shop floor, including:

  • Features and functions that have to be assembled at certain times
  • Commit accurate sales order delivery dates based on simulated schedule changes
  • Individually locate that particular manufactured product

But scheduling and sequencing should be the catalyst for production acceleration, not a burden.

That’s what Intrigo is committed to do—to help you digitize your scheduling and sequencing process and accelerate your production.


Intrigo’s Approach

Intrigo is committed to enabling digitized scheduling and sequencing to suppliers. We have been partners with some of the leading scheduling algorithm providers—like Optessa— while also developing our own scheduling cartridges for the SAP Suite.

As you embark on your digital journey, digitizing your scheduling and sequencing will give you the capability to confirm and ship one product unit to one customer who made the purchase online. We can help you take advantage of your assets, get a return on your investments, and at the same time obtain the capability to get schedules and ideas on-demand directly from your customer base.

Our areas of focus

  • Seamless and digitized scheduling and sequencing
  • Scheduling and sequencing integration with algorithms
  • Specific pricing and currency to tailor the product for the customer’s requirements
  • Processes and methods for digital scheduling and sequencing
  • Capability to optimally allocate scarce resources to activities over time

Our implementation methodology

  • Take advantage of your assets
  • Get a return on assets and investments
  • Get schedules and idea on demands from your customer base

Key Benefits

accelerate icon

Accelerated order process time

Our solution enables suppliers to integrate the order system with that of their affiliates and retailers, hence completing the order process in a short period of time.

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Reduced costs

Our solution helps reduce training and maintenance costs by digitizing scheduling and sequencing, enabling the system to do it automatically.

onboarding time icon

Accelerated on-boarding time

Our solution helps suppliers connect with buyers in weeks, not months.

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Minimized errors

Our solution enables enterprises to pull customer-specific order data directly from the system, ensuring zero data errors unlike outdated manual processes.

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Enhanced collaboration

Our solution is designed to promote standardization, portal harmonization, and an increased ability to do business across all platforms.


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.


Pete Mangan, CFO at Oclaro, describes the business challenges his team was facing and how Intrigo was able to help with its expertise in SAP IBP, Ariba, S/4, and MII.

At the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG conference, Oclaro's Senior Director of Global IT, Steve LeFevre, shares how collaborating with Intrigo was the key to their implementation of SAP S/4 on a global basis.


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