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Bring Order To Purchasing

Spot buys — one-off, unplanned, and time-sensitive purchases — can be difficult to manage and keep track of for businesses. Whether it’s for urgent flyers that need to be printed for an upcoming conference or a desk that needs to be ordered for an employee starting in two days, SAP Ariba Spot Buying can help. Your company’s standard sourcing process simply would not be efficient for these types of purchases as it would take too much time. Currently, disorganized spot buying can be a huge cost in indirect spend for companies which can lead to many missed savings down the line.


What is Spot Buying?

SAP Ariba Spot Buy is a catalog solution that is a B2B marketplace for your company to easily find and purchase non-sourced goods. In this marketplace, it is ensured you have the most competitive prices and delivery options.

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Quick Searches

With intelligent and easy-to-use filters, quickly sort across business categories on the SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog to find the items you need.

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Trusted Suppliers

As SAP Ariba screens each company that joins the marketplace, your employees are guaranteed they are purchasing from a trusted supplier. Additionally, since SAP’s goal is to maintain and grow the world’s largest B2B marketplace, your company will have the widest range of suppliers to choose from. However, your company still has the option to create its own list of preferred suppliers too.

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Establish A Buying Process

After integrating your ERP and procurement processes, easily configure the catalog to match your business guidelines. Options include being able to select a range of suppliers, restrict access to certain users, and establish price limits. This allows your employees to have a simplified buying experience but with guidelines in place.

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Expansive Network

SAP Ariba has three marketplace partners for its various regions. North America and Australia can use eBay Business Supply. Mercateo Unite is for the European market and Mercado Libre is for Latin America. These SAP partners allow access to millions of supplier and items, providing your organization with savings.



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Increased Savings

The marketplaces gives you the tools necessary to find ways to save and cut sourcing costs

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Process Efficiency

Streamline and simplify the buying process and management of vendors by having a set of preferred suppliers

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Greater Compliance

Search capabilities allow your employees to find suppliers they know will be compliant to your business guidelines

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Lower Risk

Reduce risk by choosing pre-approved suppliers for your employees

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Co-developed SAP Ariba SCC with Ariba and Microsoft

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Skilled set of trained consultants

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