SAP Invoice Management

Streamline Your Invoicing Process

A Cloud Solution that Makes Invoicing Easier for Your AP Team

Trying to manage multitudes of non-standardized paper invoices can lead to increased costs and errors. Additionally, depending on each invoice, it can take weeks or months to review and approve them. Currently, accounts payable teams struggle with invoices with many error exceptions and replying back to suppliers about invoice status. Additionally, they have no simple way of matching invoices to POs, contracts, and receipts to enforce compliance.


What is SAP Invoice Management?

Automating the invoice process can significantly lower costs. Now, through SAP Ariba and the Ariba Network, you can get smart invoicing. With this, there are network-wide business rules in place that will alert your suppliers if there are any errors. It can also avert any invoices with mistakes from entering your system workflow.

SAP Ariba Invoice Management is a cloud solution designed for accounts payable teams. It is a cloud solution that focuses on capturing and reconciling invoices. This solution comes with configured workflows that can easily be customized with no technical training. Business users can also speed up approval times for non-PO invoices as well. SAP Ariba Invoice Management allows your AP team to automate the busy work and focus more on strategically improving your bottom line.


invoice processing icon

Invoice Processing

Process your invoices electronically

Handle digital invoices from the Ariba Network

Process paper invoices from other services.

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Configurable Workflow

No technical customization required due to pre-configured workflows.

In workflows, easily add approvers, watchers, and more by the drag-and-drop functionality.

Easily reassign invoices, check invoice status, and more.

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Dynamic Invoice Workflows

With two/three/four-way matching, easily enforce compliance.

Using cost code, supplier, and other variables, you can configure your workflow to meet your business need.

For complicated workflow configurations and implementations, you can seek support from SAP Ariba Invoice Management’s consulting services

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Accurate, Quick Invoice Approval

With electronic invoices, reduce your invoice approval cycle to a several days

Flexibility to create more than 40 invoice exceptions

Avoid invoice process delays with automated escalation and delegation

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Improved Reporting and Monitoring

Track KPIs with advanced analytics and create financial reports through the dashboard

Keep track of invoices by parameters such as cost center, employee, project, supplier, and more

Make faster payments, forecast more accurately, and more by monitoring due dates and at-risk invoices


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Simplify invoice processing with one collaborative tool

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Two/Three/Four-way matching and contract invoicing allows you to enforce compliance

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Forecast more accurately, make quicker payments, and seek any early-payment discounts

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Using the advanced analytics captured, keep track of your key performance indicators


Intrigo Advantage

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Innovation Partner with SAP Ariba since 2017

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Co-developed SAP Ariba SCC with Ariba and Microsoft

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Skilled set of trained consultants

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Working on leading innovations


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