Cloud Platform Integration

Break Down Data Silos

Get Data Flowing Seamlessly Between Your Systems

While more businesses have successfully set up the necessary infrastructure to automate and streamline their processes, they still have issues with personalizing applications for each department and user. With SAP Cloud Platform, businesses of any size can provide their customers and partners with an in-memory database, key services through the platform, and other business services for creating and expanding cloud applications on mobile that are personalized and collaborative.


What is Cloud Platform Integration?

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is a platform as a service that allows your client to build and expand on personalized and collaborative cloud applications that are mobile. You can swap data in real-time, quickly integrate data and processes between apps on the cloud, third-party apps, and other solutions. This solution can transform your business digitally even faster since you can easily create the precise application your organization needs. At the end of the day, because it is on the cloud, you don’t even need to invest in any on-site infrastructure.



Find real-time insight based on embedded analytics

Business Services

Accelerate application development using business services from SAP, your partners, or more


Securely share and access content with your partners

Data & Storage

High-performance applications have data management systems as storage options


Simplified developer and operations processes increase productivity

Integration Services

Integrate your applications securely


Easy for suppliers to self-maintain their information

Machine Learning

Create powerful applications through the Machine Learning Foundation

Mobile Services

Easily develop enterprise-level applications

Runtimes & Consoles

Utilize different programming models and runtimes


Control who has access to your data and applications

User Experience

Create powerful and effective user experiences

Intrigo Advantage

Innovation Partner with SAP Ariba since 2017

Co-developed SAP Ariba SCC with Ariba and Microsoft

Skilled set of trained consultants

Working on leading innovations


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.


Pete Mangan, CFO at Oclaro, describes the business challenges his team was facing and how Intrigo was able to help with its expertise in SAP IBP, Ariba, S/4, and MII.

At the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG conference, Oclaro's Senior Director of Global IT, Steve LeFevre, shares how collaborating with Intrigo was the key to their implementation of SAP S/4 on a global basis.


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