Digital Core

Today’s Customers Demand a Unified Digital Experience

Analysts say that in order to remain competitive in today’s highly volatile markets, enterprises should adopt a customer-centric approach rather than sticking with the old manufacturing-centric model. And here’s the reason why: Today’s customers want instant gratification. They expect enterprises to provide them with:

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Omni-channel, omni-commerce, experience

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Solutions to their last-mile problem, long-tail problem, and narrow interest

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Digital showroom
and touchpoint

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A platform for purchasing online using any device

Some Enterprises TRY but Fail to be Digital

A company cannot be truly digital overnight if the analog footprint they have is fairly substantial. Trying to be digital merely through analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling for failure analysis, among others, can be insufficient—all these alternatives try to do is consume a pattern.

A true digital enterprise has the ability to:

  • See consumption in near real-time to the producing entity
  • React optimally and quickly to the consuming entity
  • Consume lots of data points to come to a high confidence level of meeting the equilibrium between demand and supply – both from the consuming entity and the producing entity.

A system of record is not the primary experience in the digital world; it exists to support the true pillars of a Digital enterprise both internally and externally.

Pseudo-digital enterprise

Some enterprises utilize a model that moves electronically but is not truly digital. This model merely digitizes information, but the experience it provides to customers remains analog.

Intrigo Helps Companies Transform into a True Digital Enterprise

While transforming into a digital enterprise helps businesses simplify complex processes, lower costs, and minimize human intervention, the process itself can be very complex and costly and requires sufficient expertise.

Intrigo is committed to empowering enterprises for the future by helping them transition to becoming a true Digital Enterprise, while ensuring adherence to their specific business goals and requirements.

The Intrigo Advantage

Intrigo has a proven track record in guiding companies move from a slow and lethargic Transaction-oriented model to a Search-driven, customer- centric enterprise using S/4 HANA. This initiative leverages an SAP ERP system that can handle large volumes of data, as well as manage consumption and production environments with a high velocity transaction model so that the enterprise is executing digitally.

By leveraging our expertise, enterprises can smoothly transition to the Enterprise Digital Core.

  • Enabling the S4 cloud
  • Converting premise models to accommodate digital enterprise
  • Activate your premise ECC to enable a digital core using S/4

Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.


Pete Mangan, CFO at Oclaro, describes the business challenges his team was facing and how Intrigo was able to help with its expertise in SAP IBP, Ariba, S/4, and MII.

At the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG conference, Oclaro's Senior Director of Global IT, Steve LeFevre, shares how collaborating with Intrigo was the key to their implementation of SAP S/4 on a global basis.


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