Segmentation & Campaign Management

SAP Hybris Segmentation & Campaign Management

Segment And Deliver Personalized Experiences Based On Real-Time Data


What is Segmentation & Campaign Management?

Campaigns can no longer be created so that it caters to a general audience. Customers want a personalized experience and your company’s campaigns should match that demand. Personalized and targeted experiences are what will keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Unfortunately, what businesses currently lack is a solution that lets them identify the correct target audience and personalize content for them. Often times, there is so much data stored in different systems, many companies don’t even know where to begin sorting through that information, much less creating a personalized campaign. With SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, however, you can easily segment and deliver engaging content to your customers’ preferred channel.

One of the features of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is Segmentation & Campaign Management. This solution allows your company to provide different audiences unique experiences all while gaining more insights about them. Segmentation & Campaign Management has tools that lets you analyze and utilize data in real-time which allows your company to immediately respond to your customer’s actions. Next, that data is used to enhance customer profiles as well as your key performance indicators. In turn, this will help improve your next campaigns.


segmentation tool

Segmentation tool – sift through a high volume of data, analyze the data, and pick specific groups

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics – reduce marketing costs by focusing on the correct target audience

campaign messaging

Campaign messaging – create relevant and consistent messaging and experiences across all channels

trigger campaigns icon

Trigger-based campaigns – realize and react to customer behavior in real-time

permissions management icon

Permissions & Management – manage marketing permissions and subscriptions across channels

calendar icon

Calendar – get a 360 degree view of cross-channel campaigns

transparency icon

Transparency – real-time view of campaign performance allow you to adjust and find new opportunities

alignment icon

Alignment – get one unified platform for all things marketing


dynamic customer profiles icon

Dynamic customer profiles allow for real-time personalization

reduced spend icon

Reduce spend by focusing on campaigns that matter by targeting the correct audiences

deploy campaigns icon

Deploy campaigns more quickly by not relying on IT with the solutions’s visual tools

customer satisfaction icon

Increase customer satisfaction and identify and use the channels they prefer


Intrigo Advantage

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Innovation Partner with SAP Ariba since 2017

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Co-developed SAP Ariba SCC with Ariba and Microsoft

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Skilled set of trained consultants

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Working on leading innovations


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At the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG conference, Oclaro's Senior Director of Global IT, Steve LeFevre, shares how collaborating with Intrigo was the key to their implementation of SAP S/4 on a global basis.


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