Product Content and Catalog Management

SAP Hybris Product Content and Catalog Management

Transform your Client’s Journey with Consistent and Engaging Content


What is Product Content and Catalog Management?

What if you could give the right clients the right products and services at the right time? In today’s complex day and age, it is extremely easy for information to be siloed, disorganized, and scattered across several different brands, domains, business models, and channels. Having multiple, disorganized views of the product can impact you negatively including loss of opportunities, messaging that is unreliable and inconsistent with the brand, weakened relationships with existing clients, and substandard client experiences. Also, having the right content in place is of the most importance as content is key and can help close a deal. SAP Hybris’ Product Content and Catalog Management allows you to overcome this business challenge and combine all of your data onto a single, centralized platform. SAP Hybris Product Content and Catalog Management is an integral component of SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud.

With the solution, you are in charge of your client’s digital journey. It enables you to maintain catalogs, update documents to the latest versions, add new products as you go, and also modify offers if necessary in a matter of hours! For customers, it simplifies the process and makes searching easier and enables them to find what they are looking for as a result of SEO and marketing campaigns that are consistent with the brand. Additionally, having the ability to manage content from a central place allows for more flexibility, facilitates faster deliveries, and lowers redundancies. This allows your enterprise to provide consistent and reliable product information that is also engaging, across all channels and touchpoints of the customer’s digital journey.


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Enhance your products by providing high quality and engaging content

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Create a single view of data by centralizing information, making it easier to access and manage

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Transform your client’s digital journey by providing them with a seamless and consistent experience

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Provide your sales, customer service, and marketing teams the latest, up-to-date content for their campaigns

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Improve sales by cataloguing product content targeting specific audiences

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Become agile and stay ahead of changing business needs and requirements


Intrigo Advantage

Today’s websites are not just a matter of making a website to serve up their product information. Consumers are looking for complex data presented in a simple manner. Intrigo understands big data, both structured and unstructured. Creating stunning websites that has content rich data that’s easy to search and navigate allows businesses to build compelling user experiences from any device.

Data architecture, organization, and standardization of product data for each sales channels globally is complex. Add to that data sources that are siloed and disparate and the complexity grows. Intrigo understands data, hierarchical structures that best help customers search and find information quickly and on any device, delivering true omni-channel content and commerce. Ensuring the foundation is strong, businesses can create agile, well sourced Product Content and catalogs that are easy to update and keep current.

What kind of work have we already done?

Our understanding of big data, supply chain, and product content and catalog management enables Intrigo to help customers look at the big picture of the role of data in their companies. Maintaining the source of truth, and cadence for updating content to provide customers with a rich experience takes a deeper understanding of underlying business rules and processes which are unique to every company.

Developing an architecture tailored to each customer is crucial to the success of creating a platform that is flexible and easy to maintain. Consumers, both individuals and businesses want fresh, accurate content. Intrigo drives a holistic approach to understanding the goals and missions of companies to create a platform that represents the unique positioning of every business.

Integrations to other systems within their infrastructure, allowing for a checks and balance system to ensure the right data flows without challenges from source of truth to consumers. We work with businesses to create a responsive, omni-channel site that has a compelling user experience.


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At the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG conference, Oclaro's Senior Director of Global IT, Steve LeFevre, shares how collaborating with Intrigo was the key to their implementation of SAP S/4 on a global basis.


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