Adobe DAM

Adobe DAM

Need to track and repurpose digital assets? A DAM solution can help!


What is Adobe DAM?

While it is an intangible measure of customer delight, an enterprise’s collection of digital assets makes branding tangible for the customers to experience, driving more sales. The question is – how do you track, trace, and repurpose your assets to maximize the return on those investments? How do you manage the image rights associated with your assets? And how do you control your marketing content and make it available to others?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a platform that provides organizations with a central repository for collecting, organizing, enriching, and retrieving digital assets and media that connect with other enterprise software solutions, thus enabling a consistent customer experience. At its simplest, DAM essentially involves designing a secure archive or a database to preserve and maintain digital assets. It also includes a search functionality that enables users to retrieve digital assets. These assets play a big part for ecommerce companies and companies moving to a digital channel and omni-channel experience.

While companies invest a lot of money, time and resources in creating rich digital assets for their websites and campaigns, many of these resources are wasted as companies move on with new products and technologies. Oftentimes, companies have no clear path to manage these assets and lose track of what they have or where it is located. Traditional asset storage solutions can be lead to several roadblocks such as:

version control icon

Low levels of version control

collaboration icon

Poor collaboration between teams

asset storage icon

Siloed and disorganized asset storage

lost assets icon

Lost assets and poor asset searchability

digital rights icon

Digital rights and permissions restrictions


collaborate easier icon

Collaborate easier across all units of your enterprise

ROI icon

Reduced asset creation costs and improved ROI

faster delivery icon

Faster delivery of digital assets across all the units of your enterprise

maximize value icon

Maximize the value of your digital assets

audience icon

Engage with wider audiences across channels, devices, and demographics while maintaining the uniformity of the brand

media icon

Support a wide range of rich media

version control

Stronger levels of version control, which allows for the delivery of the latest and approved digital assets

granting icon

Ease of granting digital rights and permissions

deployments icon

Faster deployments of marketing campaigns

portal icon

Interactive portals that grant business users the flexibility to access and distribute digital assets globally


DAM software can help with the whole data modeling of digital assets, nomenclature, and distinctive numbering schemes.


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