SAP APO – Still Alive, Thriving, and Keeping Ahead of the Curve: Enhancements & Improvements
May 15, 2015

Intrigo’s Optek Solution Extends Usability & ROI for SAP’s APO

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” – Mark Twain

A bit of “ noise” was generated this week at the Gartner Supply Executive Chain Conference that dwelled on the notion that SAP was dropping support or stopping investments around its flagship Supply Chain Product – APO. However, this kerfuffle was a bit of a stretch.

One must understand that SAP’s APO solution has been in the supply chain planning arena since 1998. It will continue to dominate the market landscape for a decade or more. SAP is guaranteeing current customers with over ten years of support till 2025. Furthermore, SAP APO has been significantly enhanced with recent updates. It can now run on SAP HANA with some customers achieving up to 40% overall performance improvements.

Most companies now recognize that a sustainable supply chain is no longer just an optional nice thing to have on deck — it’s a business imperative, critical to the success of the organization as a whole in a dynamic world. APO and the entire SCM suite are intricately connected to the orchestration of business at most IT as part of their Business Suite . Both SAP and its partners continue to invest in APO like any mission critical software. A change of planning systems without the capabilities of APO for one with “pretty looks” will land companies in trouble with no discernible advantage but a loss in functional capability. In other words, change for change’s sake is a flawed approach prone to create unnecessary bumps in the road for customers.

SAP’s introduction of IBP which provides complementary supply chain components like S&OP, Inventory Optimization, and Predictive Demand are new functionalities delivered through the cloud and natively built on HANA. These solutions, while being high performance, are in no way a replacement to SAP’s APO suite. Intrigo has developed a four-step transition process to help forward-looking companies develop a roadmap to a more flexible SCM infrastructure using APO & IBP efficiently. You can download Intrigo’s white paper here to get insights in to SAP’s IBP roadmap

Based on its experience with many companies running SAP APO, Intrigo developed OPTEK to help overcome some of the challenges planners face every day and to increase productivity and flexibility. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool, which enables planners by maximizing efficiency, increasing the life cycle of APO, requiring minimal training, and offering zero modification to existing APO platforms. It helps companies using SAP APO to focus on the analysis of planning, rather than struggling to maintain or change data. OPTEK enables companies to extend the most value out of their investments in SAP APO.

Gartner also recently recognized Intrigo as a “Cool Vendor” for the innovations of OPTEK.  Please see the full report here.

Intrigo has successfully implemented OPTEK to accelerate the APO solution at notable companies like Nvidia, Broadcom and Freescale.

For more information on Optek, including data sheets and white papers, please visit for more details.

–Padman Ramankutty, CEO, Intrigo Systems