Migration to SAP Hybris Commerce Suite Made Easy

Imagine running an ecommerce business with a very active social media presence. You target customers through many physical and digital channels. You like to engage customers, reel them in, and realize a successful sale from those interactions. You like to retain these customers with compelling and exceptional experiences. Wherever your customer is, it does not pose a constraint for you. To do this, you need to have the right tool for the job.

SAP Hybris Commerce is one such tool that pushes the envelope for you on this exciting digital transformation you visualize. It enables your omni-channel business, delivering powerful customer experiences aligned with the business context and unifying all customer processes. It does that by integrating all digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single, robust platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print – empowering you to deliver seamless, unique customer experiences, in any industry, anytime and anywhere.

To arrive at such a solution, the breadth and depth of your business systems, the ease of scaling and adapting these systems to align with your business are very critical. In fact, when you first install and activate the system, not all your business functions may be on SAP Hybris Commerce suite, for instance. But, you will need to easily and rapidly integrate your existing niche applications like ERP, CEI, and CPQ outside SAP Hybris Commerce suite with Omni-channel capabilities of SAP Hybris Commerce suite without any additional programming. SAP Hybris Commerce suite based on Spring Integration framework makes that possible– out of the box.

When external system integration is needed, standardized and ready-to-use integration frameworks on SAP Hybris Commerce suite help greatly as they minimize customer configurations reducing time and cost. Critical business data such as master data, price, stock and order information need to be moved from external systems to SAP Hybris. The Hot Folder approach comes as part of the SAP Hybris Commerce suite and is processed using Spring Integration, IMPEX and task engine.

The Hot Folder approach

Hot Folder is a pre-designated common folder on the server. Any CSV data placed in the folder invokes the import process called ImpEx and the result of the import is instantly loaded into SAP Hybris system using a pre-defined data translation model.

After processing the CSV inside the hot folder location , it is either moved into an archive or an error folder depending on its success or failure respectively. For the data to be loaded into Hybris, each single data item may need one or more pre-defined translations. Comprehensive data mapping between source systems and SAP Hybris Commerce is essential.

How Does It Work?

The three primary commands provided by ImpEx specify how each data item in the file on Hot Folder is handled:
INSERT- Inserts data into SAP Hybris only if it doesn’t already exist
INSERT_UPDATE- Either updates the current item, or creates a new one depending on whether or not the data already exists in SAP Hybris.
DELETE- Removes the specific item.

What are the special considerations for using Hot Folder?

Based on our experience handling system migration and integration with SAP Hybris Commerce suite for several customers, here are some special considerations for you:

  • Hot Folder is deployed and activated within Hybris as part of Commerce suite start-up.
  • The error folder populated by any errors and exceptions resulting out of the import can be monitored periodically by sending email to the customer.
  • Error-reporting can be customized by overriding AbstractImpexRunnerTask or ImpexTransformerTask commands to send errors to a custom table.
  • Sample Hot Folder in the Accelerator suite can be extended and customized if needed.
  • Automated Hot Folder process can be run by anyone with access
  • All Hot Folder customizations should use de.hybris.platform.acceleratorservices.dataimport.batch.converter package to write new test cases.
  • Data is structured, clean and tabular which makes the import process easy.
  • Any change to the Hot Folder query requires a code change in the Hot Folder XML file and a server stop/start is required to activate it.

Data Migrations Made Easy

SAP and Hybris are a powerful combination for data migration in the form of Hot Folder which is non expensive. They enable organizations to import and export data between their systems with little fuss.It ensures existing data sets are retained wherever possible without creating duplicates, redundant effort, or complexity. Hot Folder is a powerful feature that ensures right data for the right systems any time.

Meet the Author

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Aadithya Ravi

Aadithya Ravi started off his career at Cerner Corporation, a health care IT company, as a software engineer helping them build intelligent solutions for the health care industry. He entered the Hybris e-commerce space over a year ago to help the business/customers transform their digital marketing into multiple channels. Most recently at Intrigo, he helped Corsair go live on hybris, an Omnichannel and Product Content Management (PCM) software.