Looping to the Past, Hyperlooping into the Future

With BITSians day around the corner, I couldn’t help dive down memory lane – hashtagging our ID numbers, posting old lean-framed pictures of self with batchmates, remembering wing birthday parties, weighing FIFA nights versus compre nights in our minds, revising jargon that became a part of our verbal repository, reminiscing proudly the Cs & Ds in our CDCs – flashing back the entire journey from the day of registration in Pilani till today, and still not for a moment feeling I’ve had enough.

Ten years back to this day, I was one among hundreds of teenagers who set foot on a soil that, we little knew, would link us with a legacy and bind us with a brand to carve out an identity for ourselves – BITS Pilani. An era of our lives we shall forever cherish in our minds and hearts.

An Alma Mater is a word often overused, but to just call BITS our Alma Mater sounds like an understatement. For most BITSians, the years at BITS inspired passions, inculcated interests and influenced plentiful self-discovery. The institution went on to shape futures, build careers and create human value. At my own home, between me and my wife, we boast 4 BITS degrees. An evening discussion on BITS days over tea makes time fly so much so, it is already time for dinner.

We think of where all the “education’’ has gotten us. From the days we wore tees that said, “I was born intelligent. Education ruined me!’’ to the gradual realization of the value of BITS-Pilani in our lives, time has come full circle. We revel in the achievements of so many BITSians around us and share them with our families and friends. Ideas brainstormed in a classroom in campus or over samosas/chai at a redi are the ones that have metamorphosed into billion-dollar global enterprises today or those that are fast-developing into promising futuristic innovations.

One such shining evidence that showcases the enormous enterprise of BITS-Pilani engineers is our contender for Elon Musk’s brainchild challenge – The HyperLoop. Pinned as the next big thing, Hyperloop sparks a mobility revolution that leapfrogs the very idea of transportation across the planet’s surface. The team from BITS is the only one from India and among the two from Asia to make it to the list of 27 finalists chosen to participate at the Hyperloop competition in Hawthorne, California. Our design, the OrcaPod, will, so to speak, race it out with the top designs at the one-mile circuit targeting fastest times with successful deceleration. The Indian contender bids to be the most cost-effective participant hoping to reach speeds in the range of 400km/hour.

No wonder, the brainwork from the student thinktank has gathered widespread appreciation and wishes. Our pod is already on the way from the streets of Bangalore city to the tracks in Los Angeles county. As I exude pride over the achievement of my fellow BITSians, I exult that my employer has also joined the bandwagon of elite sponsors for our contender. It is indeed overwhelming to see my “enterprise’” backing their “enterprise”.

Intrigo Systems supports the vision and feels happy to be associated with a game-changer technology in the industry of travel and commute. The company has always promoted powerful ideas and been proactive in adopting and applying cutting-edge technology.

It is a unique honour for me to be present at the circuit in Hawthorne, California – both as a BITSian as well as employee ambassador for Intrigo Systems, a reason “two” many. Rooting for Hyperloop India & witnessing the universities battle out their competitive prototypes, I am sure the challenge is going to be an exciting affair. Backed by two brands that I truly believe look to the future – BITS-Pilani & Intrigo Systems – I call out, “Go OrcaPod!”

– Abishek Eshwar, Intrigo Systems