Achieve End-to-end Visibility and Control with a Supply Chain Control Tower

Just like an Air Traffic Control Tower coordinates the movement of air traffic, a Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) gives you end-to-end visibility and more control over your supply chain. Today, supply chains are not just lengthier, widespread, and spanning continents but are also quite complex. Supply chain leaders across industries are looking for solutions to optimize and improve the performance of their supply chains.

This is where the SCCT enters the picture.

What is the SCCT?

Unlike the air traffic control tower, an SCCT isn’t a physical building. It is an agile cloud platform that helps in providing end-to-end supply chain visibility while giving granular operational control to supply chain managers.

The SCCT offers an array of benefits such as optimizing order fulfillment times, reducing inventory costs, control in real time, and more.

Simply put, the Supply Chain control tower is a central hub for granular visibility, decision-making, and operational control based on real-time analytics, delivered from the field.

Why does your Supply Chain need the SCCT?

Today, all businesses whether start-ups or multinationals are dependent on dozens of partners, vendors, outsourcing teams, and more. The SCCT helps to bring all these critical players under a single management system.

Here are a few of the top benefits of implementing a Supply Chain Control Tower:

  • End-to-end Visibility: The SCCT gives you complete visibility and provides full transparency over the entire supply chain. The old method of “track-and-trace” makes it difficult to take the right decisions within a short timeframe. With the SCCT, you get actionable intelligence, which helps you to gain control over your supply chain at all times.
  • Gain an Edge over Your Competitors: A survey conducted by Accenture found that 89% of the supply chain executives were unhappy over their current supply chain models and believed them to be too complicated. With an SCCT, you can gain control over your supply chain, thereby providing your customers with excellent value and helping you win an edge over your peers.
  • Focus on Your Core Business:

    Very often, companies believe that they are spending too much time and resources focusing on their supply chain. With an SCCT, you can reduce the time spent on figuring out various aspects of the supply chain. It helps you deliver your products on time while providing the best service at the most affordable rates.

    You do not need to tie up time and resources on optimizing the performance of your supply chain. Instead, it frees up time, so that you can focus on your core business products and services.

  • Reduced Costs: While it is true that setting up an SCCT involves upfront costs, it is well worth the expense in the long run. Here’s how the SCCT helps in reducing operational costs:
    • Less Inventory: The SCCT ensures that your products are delivered at the right place at the right time. Maintaining a large inventory has several drawbacks such as the cost to procure and store the products, expiry of goods, reduction in prices if the demand falls, and more. With SCCT, you can eliminate the expenses of maintaining an extensive inventory.
    • Optimize Your Freight Team: The SCCT can be used to optimize the last-mile delivery. It helps to map out the most efficient route for the delivery team, arrange for delivery bundling, and more. All this significantly helps to reduce the overhead costs of your freight team.
    • Reduce Errors: Any supply chain manager would tell you that mistakes are expensive in logistics. For instance, if an order is late, it has to be delivered using a costly freight team, which reduces your profit margins considerably. An SCCT uses the right technology to provide you with advanced real-time insights, thereby reducing the percentage of error.
    • Overview of the Entire Process: With an SCCT, you get both a bird’s eye and a microscopic view of the supply chain. This perspective means you can quickly identify poor performing vendors and make the right changes, before the issue snowballs into a bigger problem.

Supply Chain Control Tower – The Missing Piece in the Complex Supply Chain Puzzle

Today, companies are facing several challenges such as changing customer behavior, reduced profit margins, rapid technological changes, and more. A supply chain control tower helps you to re-imagine your entire logistics and adapt it to meet the pressing challenges of today.

The SCCT uses the power of the latest technological advancements to help you build an agile, optimized workflow, which improves the overall performance of your business while helping you cut down on costs.

Get ready to integrate the SCCT into your supply chain.

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